NEW Tru Protection iPhone Cases

  Very proud to announce the new line of Erik Abel artist series iPhone cases with Trü Protection.  These cases are made in the USA from 100% post consumer recycled plastic.  That's the kind of stuff I'm talkin' about!  These 3 designs are the winners from our FaceBook page poll last week.    Also, I'm stoked that 15% of sales will be donated to Heal the Bay.  These folks [...]

National Cherry Blossom Festival Artwork

Big pink trees in our nations capitol.  Thats what this shindig is all about. Each year, nature lovers from across the globe descend upon Washington DC to frolic and stand in awe of all the pinkness. Well, there's a short window when these Cherry Blossoms actually bloom so timing is everything... as it always is. I'm honored to have the opportunity to be able to branch out a bit [...]

Club of the Waves Feature

Club of the Waves just put up a nice little feature about the making of the artwork for the Reef Hawaiian Pro artwork.  I offer a little insight to the process as well as share some behind the scenes photos of the work in progress.  Check it out HERE.


Neptune, the Roman god of the water and the sea, has been showing up in my sketchbook lately.  I haven't painted my tribal looking faces in a few years and for some reason I got inspired to paint a few more the other day.  And since surfing is my only religion, I figured I'd pay a little tribute to the ancient sea God with his beard of fish scales [...]