Custom Stewart Surfboard Graphic

A little while back a client contacted me about doing a custom surfboard graphic.  We decided to go with a digital design and have Stewart Surfboards print it out as a laminate to be glassed into the board.  I think it came out pretty mental.  Would love to do more of these... hit me up! Digital Art Detail A happy customer about to go shred his new Abel Art [...]

Art Show: Splash! Opening Reception Friday, July 1st

This is gonna be a good one... Lots of oceany paintings, sculptures and surfboards. I've got a brand spankin' new piece in the show that I'm pretty fond of... don't really want to let it go, but if you want it, you can have it I guess. I also got to paint up a tasty little 5'8" White Diamond from local surfboard shaping wizard Robert Weiner (2011 Shaper of [...]

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