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Erik Abel is Making Waves Photo: Claudia Pardo Ventura artist and designer Erik Abel — known for his bold geometric designs, unique graphic patterns and shapes, and Eastern-inspired images of waves — has released a series of limited-edition prints on FSC-certified birch plywood for Waves for Water, a nonprofit organization working toward global change one glass of clean water at a time. Waves for Water’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative struck a [...]

Last Weekend…

So there I was, in the hot hot sand, it was everywhere, days later I'm still picking grains out of the corner of my eyes. It was dusty, sweaty, hot and I was in the trenches... slinging prints, barefoot, no shirt on my back, stinky, haven't had a decent nights sleep in weeks.  And no beer to be found.  How could I forget such a crucial staple for a [...]

Tru Protection Case Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at the new Tru Protection iPhone cases that just came into the studio.  These feature the artwork for the SurfAid Cup Malibu 2012 event. Made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and made in the USA.  A limited number of these cases will be for sale at the event on September 8th with 20% of sales going straight back to SurfAid International.  So come on down [...]

Board Art Benefit : Live Painting : Sacred Craft Expo : Oct 8-9

You gotta be kidding me... how did MY name end up in that line-up of legendary artists and shapers???  I don't know who's been sprinkling the magical-gettin-shit-done-dust around the Abel Arts Factory lately but I like it, keep it coming.  Soooo stoked about this event!  All these artists live painting under one roof?  Come ooooon!!  It doesn't get much better than that.  You should be here!  Really you should. [...]

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