Movin’ on UP!

The new studio is officially... official.  Monies paid.  Keys in hand.  No turning back.  Going big... 1848 Square feet big. 1848 Square feet of serious Man Cave.  1848 square feet that I can drive my truck into.  1848 square feet that I can skateboard in.  1848 square feet where I can do whatever the hell I want. Artist dream. My time at the WAV has been great but it's time to [...]

Studio Moving Sale

You read that right... up to HALF OFF original paintings and prints!!  It's a little bit crazy!  But it's alright because I'm absolutely crazy about moving into this gigantic dream studio and really, really, really don't want to have to move all these paintings and prints I've got hanging around. My laziness = Your gain! This probably won’t ever happen again, so if you want one of my originals for next [...]