Summit Artist Residency

Last week I was invited out for a Summit Artist Residency at Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah.  This was my first Artist Residence program and I was looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and pushing a little further into the unknown. Here's some thoughts I went into it with... Artist Statement: The act of creating art has taken up a significant amount of the waking hours [...]

Let the Kids Draw Part 2

Don Masse, an elementary school teacher, used my art in another one of his art projects with his class.  This time he used my painting "Naptune's Crown of Coral" as reference.  So humbling. Thanks again Don. Check it out on his blog HERE. And HERE's a link to the previous project the class did with my art. See more art from the kids HERE.

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New Carver Skateboard Graphic

The fine folks over at Carver Skateboards recently asked if they could put my painting "In All of Us" on a skateboard deck.  I said "Sure" If you've never ridden a Carver, you're in for a treat.  Their special trucks make it feel like surfing. Purchase this skateboard HERE >> Also, this original painting is now available in my Store HERE >>

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December Featured Artist on Plywerk – Interview

Check out the latest Q&A with Portland, Oregon bamboo print gurus, Plywerk.  Stoked to be their featured artist for December.  They have been printing our beautiful limited edition, 20"x30", "Kelpafornia" series prints for Heal the Bay. Check out the interview HERE.  If you leave a comment, you'll be entered to win a FREE Plywerk print with my artwork!

Interview with

"Erik Abel has a striking style that is nothing if not beachy. Reminiscent of ancient Hawaiian tribal art, Abel modernizes the form with vibrant colors and textured grid patterns, but it wouldn't be surprising if anyone had his pieces tattooed across their backs. Here he answers our five questions with candid detail. You'll want to stick around until the end, because his advice is golden…."  Read More I got a [...]

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Movin’ on UP!

The new studio is officially... official.  Monies paid.  Keys in hand.  No turning back.  Going big... 1848 Square feet big. 1848 Square feet of serious Man Cave.  1848 square feet that I can drive my truck into.  1848 square feet that I can skateboard in.  1848 square feet where I can do whatever the hell I want. Artist dream. My time at the WAV has been great but it's time to [...]

Video: Painting “Welcome to the Jungle”

Here's a little time-lapse vid of me painting "Welcome to the Jungle"... 3 panels bolted together forming a 96"x48"x3" piece. Medium: Acrylic paint, illustration markers and colored pencil topped off with a few glossy Polycrylic clear coats. It's currently available at Art Whino Gallery, National Harbor, MD as part of the Branching Out show. Contact the gallery for inquires.

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