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Wood Sticker: Chinook

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Wood Sticker

Sticker Size :4 1/4”w X 2”h

Made in Oregon using sustainably sourced wood.
DISCLAIMER: OOPSY DAISY! It turns out these don't do so well outdoors in the elements or in the dishwasher as we had previously been led to believe. The backs of the insert cards with each sticker state these can go on your car or in the dishwasher, but we can no longer recommend it. Wood expands and contracts with temperature and moisture and can lead to adhesion issues, so please stick accordingly!

Plastic is out, wood is in!


We thought a lot about making another typical vinyl sticker. Then we saw where vinyl (PVC) comes from, how it’s made and realized that the material never totally breaks down. Booo! So we decided to seek out a more earth friendly alternative, made right here in the USA. Real wood stickers for the win!

Tips for usage:

  • Clean the surface with alcohol before applying.
  • Apply to solid, hard surfaces.
  • Wood stickers will bend along the grain (side to side) and can be placed on curved surfaces such as water bottles. Avoid bending them against the grain (top to bottom)
Wood stickers are great for:

Water bottles, journal covers, phones, computers, and most anything else you would place a regular sticker on. Obviously they are wood, and when exposed to the outdoor elements like sun/rain/heat/cold for long periods of time, they could start to show wear.

Backer Card is 100% recycled paper. The clear bag is compostable (PLA). Thank you for recycling and keeping plastic out of out waterways. We’re striving to shift our business to be as earth, human, & animal friendly as possible.


COVID has increased canvas print production times by 1-2 days. They now ship within 7-9 Business days. Paper prints ship within 3-4. Thanks for your patience and support!

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