I’m not flattered…

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery right? That's BS. Imitation is the most sincere form of someone lacking creativity looking for an easy way out. Copying something for personal use is one thing... but copying artwork for a commercial project from the artwork of another commercial project, that's downright shameful. A little while back, artist/designer pal Tom Veiga sent me the image he found of the poster [...]

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A worthy way to die…

As a surfer, hearing about a deadly shark attack (Last week on the Central Coast) strikes a certain chord in my soul.  No surfer alive hasn't been spooked at the thought of being fish food at one time or another.  During my years exploring the Oregon coast, I came to the conclusion that being attacked by a shark is a worthy way to die.  Maybe it was just a [...]

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Beachworks work

Artwork hanging behind the cash reg in the new SD Shop Been doing some design work for Beachworks Shops over the last few months. Made some paintings for their new shop that opened in San Diego and laid out a few of their ads for Blisss Magazine. The last ad was definitely Indo inspired, I added a little sketch of the Hindu protective spirit, Barong, and used one of [...]

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Artwork for International Surfing Day 2010

Surfing Magazine and The Surfrider Foundation's 6th Annual International Surfing Day I was recently contacted by Surfing Mag to create the artwork for this years poster, ads and banners. Go grab the new issue of Surfing Mag and check out the spread. Also take a look at the little interview Surfing Mag did about this >>HERE<< High quality prints of the original artwork are now available >>HERE<<

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A warm welcome home from Mr. Pacific Ocean

Well... the welcome is warm, but the water is not! Brrrr. It's always good to come home to waves when you've been gone, Brown and I got Little Rincon real good the other day, haven't surfed it like that in years. There really is no place like home, you know which spots to check on which swells, how the tide and wind will affect it, which rocks to jump [...]

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10 Page Spread in TIDE Magazine

Check out this interview/article I did with German surf magazine TIDE (Yes, I said GERMAN surf magazine) for their Nov 2009 issue.Sorry, I don't have the translation.... interesting questions though. And I thought they did a pretty good job laying it out...>> DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE (690 KB)

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Offshore Score

I picked off quite a few of these yesterday evening. The sun was setting over the islands, nearly a full moon rising in the East, psychedelic colors everywhere, straight offshore winds, overhead A-frames... wish I had a camera in the water. It's sessions like this that make life well worthwhile.

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