Launching Framed Canvas Prints

We are so stoked to now offer professional wood float frames for our canvas prints. Our print partner just happens to be the best quality framer in the PNW.  These contemporary wood float frames don't have a lip that goes over the artwork and the canvas appears to "float" in the middle of the frame, adding about 1 1/2 inches to both width and height of a canvas size [...]

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Artist Residence at Prana

"Float"  18x24in, Acrylic, marker, colored pencil on wood panel. Erik Abel 2016 My eyeball was on fire.  That's what it felt like.  It was pitch black, I couldn't hear a sound and I was floating in a puddle of warm water with about 800 pounds of epson salt dissolved into it.  That much salt and that little water made it thick and slippery... and very irritating if it made [...]

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Save The Waves Artist Ambassador

Awesome news... Save The Waves has made me their first "Artist Ambassador!"  Super honored to be among some of the legends in our sport and be able to represent such a great org. From Save the Waves: Save The Waves is excited to announce a new partnership with Erik Abel as our first “Artist Ambassador.” A long time artist and surfer from Ventura, CA, you may recognize his work for [...]

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Blue Moon Label Contest

So I ran a little Social Media contest over the holiday weekend asking people to post a creative pic of them with a Blue Moon beer with my label. There were some good ones but one stood out to take the cake.  Thanks for your awesomeness and enthusiasm @krrnl_mustard... Here were a few more... Thanks for sharing: @jlaun, @bandofbanshees, @rcochranart, @mccann_s, Courtney B., @coagula, @justinrgandy and Joyce J.  

Blue Moon Brewing Co. Label

I was lucky enough to be one of the 20 artists asked to create a beer label for Blue Moon Brewing Company's 20th Anniversary: Rising Moon Program. The winner gets a $20,000 grant… that's huge! I'm asking my fans, fam and friends to support my art by giving my label a "LIKE" and sharing it.  >> Click HERE to go to Blue Moon's Facebook page and like my image. << [...]

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Sole Imperial Interview

I did a little interview over at Sole Imperial.  Check it out HERE. "Yeah the ocean is a huge influence.  I get inspired by a lot of art styles like primitivism, constructivism, abstract expressionism, pop art, and mid-century modern design.  I’d have to say nature is the biggest influence of all though. You won’t see anything man-made included in my art..." 

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Ocean Awareness Art Show – May 16th, North Shore

OCEAN AWARENESS ART PROGRAM - EMPLOYING ART TO EDUCATE YOUTH AND FOSTER ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISM The Abel Arts Collective is partnering with environmental nonprofits Sustainable Coastlines HI and PangeaSeed to create an art & environmental curriculum for a group of local North Shore Elementary kids. Led by local art teacher Laura Couto, we will engage a group of kids in an after school group for 8 weeks, fostering activism and encouraging expression of environmental issues through a series [...]

Summit Artist Residency

Last week I was invited out for a Summit Artist Residency at Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah.  This was my first Artist Residence program and I was looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and pushing a little further into the unknown. Here's some thoughts I went into it with... Artist Statement: The act of creating art has taken up a significant amount of the waking hours [...]

Studio Ape got a new lid!

Meet our Studio Ape.  You wanna know who packs your orders?  Studio Ape.  Who cleans brushes and mixes paint?  Studio Ape.  Who works deals with the galleries and shops?  Studio Ape.  You get the picture.  For his 90 hours of work last week, we rewarded him with a shiny new hat.  He wanted the red one, by simply pointing and grunting.  We think it's because the illustration reminds him [...]

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Launching Abel Design Co. at Westedge Design Fair

Yes, the day of reckoning is finally here.  After much blood, sweat, and tears (Tears are all from the wife of course) we're proud to announce the launch of our newest endeavor, Abel Design Company.  In the never ending quest for challenge and expression in my art, I've decided to dive into the world of product design, home decor, and sculptural art.  While a departure from the wave scenes and [...]

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