Tattoos on Griffin

Erik Abel Tattoo Art

My boy Griffin had some serious ink done.  My original painting "Listening to the Storm" (One of my favorites!) was used on his chest and an interpretation of "Solitary Lines" as a sleeve.  Jon at Yellow Rose Tattoo did a hell of a job.

This brings back memories of my days designing and giving self taught tattoos out of my living room in Ventura and then my Kitchen in Utah.  19 years old without a clue.  I would ride all day on the hill and then spend late nights dragging sharp needles across strangers skin full of booze and whatever else was at hand.  Strange times. Different times.  I eventually got sick of dealing with peoples blood and the fact that they would have to live with my shitty tattoo for the rest of their days.  Painting is a little less stressful.  And now it's cool to see some of my fine art make it onto skin without me having to wipe away the blood. Honored. Thanks Griff. And special thanks to Paul Nieminen for the great shots!

Erik Abel Tattoo Art

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