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Miss crawford's 4th Annual Ping Pong-A-Thon!!!

Teacher(AKA Miss Crawford) turns another year older and that means one thing... Ping Pong. And not just any backyard Ping Pong BBQ tourny, it's her special, renowned, annual event... Ping Pong-A-Thon!

This 4th Annual just happens to be 70's Athletic themed so my paddle partner Micah and I did a little thrift store shopping today and came up big... we look sooo disgusting it's almost sexy, just need the mustache to fill out and I'll be there.

The undefeated champion team "Do Drugs, Don't Wear Condoms" has finally fallen apart just weeks before the big event. Joey will have to scout for a new team mate and try to defend the infamous, Crawford Cup. Every great empire has to fall buddy! You're going down!!

I'll be sure to get some pics up after the dust settles.

>>UPDATE>> Team portrait... sooo gross it's awesome!

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