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Headed down to Aruba for a week over 11/11/11 for the wedding of friends Nick and Ashley.  I designed their 11/11/11 logo and all the other propaganda to go along with it.  I didn't realize Aruba was so far south until I looked at a map, it's only a few miles off the coast of Venezuela.  Thought about taking a quick boat ride and getting lost in South America for a while.... but it didn't happen.  Mostly because I was in a semi-buzzed state of mind the entire time and in between crazy wedding festivities and stuffing my face, I was glued to a seat at a Black Jack or Roulette table.  Nobody told me there were casinos in every hotel down there!  And they served free drinks Vegas style until 5am every night.  A very dangerous place for me.  Lucky black 11 was letting me down the entire week until the very last night when John and I ended up closing down the casino and breaking even for the trip... well I broke even, John not so much. Sorry buddy.  We did manage to get out of resort-ville for a while and explore the island via 4 wheeler and catamaran. It's a pretty cool place, lots of giant cacti, a crazy German shipwreck from WWII, friendly people, 24 hour warmth, beautiful beaches and gallons upon gallons of fruity rum-filled drinks.  Here's a few pics...

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