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7 weeks of gross... I mean, growth

"...the male beard communicates an heroic image of the independent, sturdy, and resourceful pioneer, ready, willing and able to do manly things." -

"In the course of history, men with facial hair have been ascribed various attributes such as wisdom and knowledge, sexual virility, masculinity, or high social status; and, conversely, filthiness, crudeness, or an eccentric disposition. In many cultures, beards are associated with nature and outdoorsmen" -Wikipedia

It's got to be a part of every mans life at some point, a rite of passage of sorts. Part curiosity to see what you look like as a werewolf and part pure laziness. There's really only those 2 reasons why any man would grow one of these annoying things. However, once the curiousity stage passes it sort of grows on you... literally, and the reasons for keeping it go beyond just laziness. It begs to be stroked and groomed. It's becomes a simple, natural pleasure, kinda like petting your dog. It takes on a personality of it's own and soon becomes part of the family. But when you sit down to enjoy a nice hot meal and included in the first bite are several long coarse hairs that are growing out of your top lip, something needs to change. And having to suck coffee, beer and soup out of it? No thanks... time to break out the razor. But I did save a shitload on sunscreen in Indo!

Fun facial hair facts:

1) The study of beards is called pogonology, and the fear of beards is pogonophobia
2) The longest beard ever was grown by Hans Langseth of Norway, whose whiskers stretched an incredible 5.33 m (17.5 feet) when measured upon his death in 1927
3) Number of whiskers on the face of the average man: 30,000
4) The only guy without a beard in ZZTOP has the surname Beard
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