Heal the Bay Gala and Artwork


Holy Smokes!  I felt some serious love from Heal the Bay last week at their annual fundraiser gala, "Bring Back the Beach."  As 2013 Partner Artist, I donated the artwork to to be used for this years' event as well as the original painting to be be auctioned off along with some prints on Bamboo Plywood.  The artwork was EVERYWHERE!  Name badges, wall mural, signage, Giant LCD screen, Tribute Journals... Pretty cool. "Kelpafornia 2" is the second in a series of 3 paintings for our Heal the Bay Partner Artist campaign this year.  Read more about the partnership HERE.   Pretty happy with how the silent auction went, the paintings and prints raised several thousand dollars for Heal the Bay.  A massive thanks to all the folks at Heal the Bay for supporting my art!  Here's some pics...




Huge mural at the Gala


My super sexy woman checkin out the art auction table


Tribute Journals on all the tables with my art on the cover.


Gala Tribute Journal


A pretty amazing shout out in the Tribute Journal, thanks for the love Heal the Bay!


And a full page ad.


Actress Amy Smart checkin out my art


The place was jammed packed... and a $500 a plate, they pulled in some decent mula just from tickets.


Ziggy Marley was jammin'


>> More about the Heal the Bay Partner Artist situation

>> Check out this Time-Lapse Video of me painting "Kelpafornia 2"

>> Buy Heal the Bay prints and products in my STORE


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