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Dropping the Fear in 2013...

Erik Abel Sketchbooks

I've been sifting through years of sketchbooks and journals lately.  There's some exciting discoveries and directions that I never had the balls to pursue any further, or just never got around to coming back to, or thought I was straying too far from my comfort zone and it would be a bad move for my career... which is the absolute lamest excuse in the book, but I tend to have that thought a lot and my artwork has definitely suffered because of subconsciously caring what others would think. Maybe it's insecurities.  Maybe I fear my work not being accepted by certain industries or certain groups of people.  Whatever it is, it's time to knock that shit off and get real and get down the the bottom of it.  So in 2013, I'm going to kick my own ass and push my work into some uncharted territories and see where it goes.  Exploration. Inside and out.

Over the next several months I'll be gearing up for an art show at Art Whino Gallery in Washington DC on April 13th as part of the 101st National Cherry Blossom Festival that I did the art for.  The Abel Arts studio will be in full force until then and I'll be documenting as much of the process and journey as possible.

Here we go...


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