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Nicaragua Mural Project: Gigante, Nicaragua

The Project is Complete!  Check out the video…

I’m really excited about our latest Nonprofit Partner Project. Over the past few years we’ve been raising money for some amazing organizations through the sales of my art. I’ve loved working with our partners and giving back to causes I care about through donations.  But lately I’ve been compelled to do more than write a check or donate a piece for an auction. So we’re taking it to the next level with Surf For Life and Project WOO, traveling down to one of their project sites in Gigante, Nicaragua to design and paint a mural with the community on their soon-to-be-completed Community Heath Center.

Surf For Life and Project WOO are nonprofits that have joined forces to promote sustainable community development through the construction of educational and community centers in Latin American countries.  They work with local communities to address their greatest challenges. They have built multiple schools and health centers in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, bringing much needed services to underserved communities.

I have a lot of respect for organizations like these. They’re on the ground every day working with people to help them create a better future.  We wanted to find a way to capture that… to create a piece of art that would stand as a lasting representation of what inspires the community and makes them proud.

So we’re traveling to Gigante in February when the Center construction is complete.  Project WOO has been leading the development of this Center after a Community Census and Needs Assessment revealed 80% of residents said a center focused on community health was their greatest need. The Center, which includes a clinic and educational health resources, is being built from the ground up and will be finished next month. You can read more about the project here.

While we’re there we’ll spend time with the locals and brainstorm with them to design the mural, creating something that is meaningful for the community. Then we’ll make a paint-by-number style sketch and paint the mural together, creating something for the community with the community.  I’ve never done anything like this… so it should be interesting.

Fish Outta Water 037 by Erik Abel

In addition, we’re raising money for the nonprofits to support their continued, amazing work. Our goal is to raise $5000 for travel and the mural but we’d love to raise several thousand more for continued support of these projects. To do so, I painted a new series of Fish Outta Water paintings that we’re donating 100% of sales to the project. Sector 9 Skateboards kicked down with a few skateboard decks for me to paint on as well.  We’re also donating 100% of sales from 7 new 24″x36″ prints.


Island of the Blue Moon print by Erik Abel

Art is my outlet for expression. Creating art is how I convey my interest in nature and the beauty of life.  I’m looking forward to creating something that I hope will bring a whole new level of meaning, and I’m honored and excited to share this experience with the people of Gigante.


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“When we create art with each other and for each other, the force of life can triumph.” – City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

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