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Save The Waves Artist Ambassador


Awesome news… Save The Waves has made me their first “Artist Ambassador!”  Super honored to be among some of the legends in our sport and be able to represent such a great org.

From Save the Waves:

Save The Waves is excited to announce a new partnership with Erik Abel as our first “Artist Ambassador.” A long time artist and surfer from Ventura, CA, you may recognize his work for Save The Waves from this past June’s Life Is A Wave event art, the Lobos Por Siempre campaign t-shirts, or his Patagonia Cause T from 2013. His focus on fundraising for ocean-related nonprofits allows him to use his creative talents to support causes he believes in and Save The Waves is proud to have his support and engagement…




Finally getting around to putting up some pics of a Baja mission with the boys in early Jan.  We got some fun waves at a little sand bottom point break South of Rosario.  Deep Baja seems like the real Baja.  Where everybody is nice/drunk and laid back, the locals are happy to see you and always smiling and waving.  Anything further North of this place and you feel like you are going to be robbed and shot in the face at any moment, left to die as you watch your truck being driven away into the shit hole that is Northern Baja.  But not here.  Not in this little sand dune cocoon. This dreamy set-up gave us all we needed; a place to surf, a fire to cook on and a place to rest our salty sunburnt heads.

A week of easy living. Except on the second day we discovered that 5 peppers in the dinner cook-up ,was 5 peppers too many.  Breathing fire out of both ends.  But the waves cooled us down and so did the beer.

Good crew, good laughs, good surf and no trouble.  Can’t ask for much more.  Ready for another run.


You need watered down gas out of a rusty 55 gallon drum? Right over here.


View from the shitter


The shitter


I decided to open a cantina. Free beer.


Dead whale


Giant Saguaro Cactus


Classic Baja pit stop

SUPing Magazine Profile on Erik Abel

erik abel suping magazine issue 4 2012

Check out the new issue #4 of SUPing Magazine out of Spain.  It’s an online mag and I’ve got a pretty good looking spread with plenty of juicy pictures.  There’s an english version in the back for those non-spanish speaking individuals.

There are a lot of surfers who hate SUP’s.  Most of them have probably never done it… and probably never will.  I have fun doing it.  And until I saw this guy charging 12 foot Cloudbreak with my own eyes, I don’t think I fully realized the potential for the sport.  I couldn’t believe how late this guy was getting into waves, how maneuverable his board was and how many waves he was getting. It was unreal.  And as much as I prefer surfing when the waves are firing, I always wonder what it would be like to stand up paddle into a double overhead barrel.   Maybe someday.

erik abel suping magazine issue 4 2012

erik abel suping magazine issue 4 2012

erik abel suping magazine issue 4 2012

erik abel suping magazine issue 4 2012

erik abel suping magazine issue 4 2012

erik abel suping magazine issue 4 2012

Check out the online article HERE


Last Weekend…

Erik Abel at the SurfAid Cup Malibu 2012

So there I was, in the hot hot sand, it was everywhere, days later I’m still picking grains out of the corner of my eyes. It was dusty, sweaty, hot and I was in the trenches… slinging prints, barefoot, no shirt on my back, stinky, haven’t had a decent nights sleep in weeks.  And no beer to be found.  How could I forget such a crucial staple for a day at the beach?  Idiot.  My truck was packed with too much art, prints, tents and buckets of other less important items to even fit my board.  How can I even call myself a dedicated surfer?  Hash tag SHAMEFUL.

The BU

There were fun little lines peeling down the point all day. Some lucky few got to surf the place with only a few others out.  Saw Mr. Tom Curren blow a few waves to smithereens.  It’s always nice to see a legend destroy a perfect 2 foot wave right before your eyes. Magic. My cutbacks will never reach that upper echelon of perfection.  I can’t even surf like that in my dreams. Actually, I never get to actually surf in my dreams, well maybe once or twice, but it’s always the build up and let down scenario… see perfect tubes, nobody out, warm water.. oh shit, my board is broken on half… I’m about to get barreled but oh shit the trash truck wakes me up just as I’m about to drop in to the bomb of my life. You know the ones.

Erik Abel At SurfAid Cup Malibu

Good thing Randal from SurfAid was there to flash me that classic Aussie smile once in a while.  Kept me in line. Good people. Good cause. Which is why we were there.  And folks seemed to like my SurfAid Cup Malibu artwork on the Tru iPhone cases. Sold the crap out of’em.  I think a nice little artist line with Tru will be coming soon.

Bu Wall

Classic shot of Malibu wall with big logs lined up… delaminating before our eyes.  Malibu has some strange cats.  It’s almost like going to the “Scary” Vons near my house on Ventura Avenue where people seem to just materialize out of the gutter…  but a little cleaner because these are surfers who bath in the ocean daily.  None less entertaining. Every surf mecca has it’s fair share.

Matt Beards Board for The Board Art Benefit

After the SurfAid event we headed over to the Quiksilver shop at The Lumberyard where the SurfAid Board Art Benefit and event after party was.  The Kona brews were finally flowing.  Above is Matt Beard‘s badass surfboard he painted with the help of John Birchim and his master wood skills.  Those kids have to be on drugs. Out of control crazy talent here. Buy it while you can.  The event was cool.  Lots of boards sold.  Mine did for a second, then didn’t but maybe did… I’ll have to confirm.  The finger foods were all time… ceviche lettuce wraps!  Food never ceases to amaze me.  For example: Try this recent discovery on for size… Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts!!! Prepare to lose your mind only to then lose it all over again. Here’s how:  Cook bacon, halve brussels and satay in bacon juice, then shishkabob the bacon onto brussel halves, sprinkle with garlic salt, pepper and some sesame seeds, and broil for a few minutes for a crispy layer.  Game over.  You owe me.

Happy Customers of the Original Painting of the SurfAid Malibu Artwork

The original art I painted for the SurfaAid Cup Malibu was on display the entire weekend.  I’m proud to say it found a home, this fine couple decided they’d like to look at it a bit longer and took it with them. Thanks again! I put together a little time lapse video of me painting it. I’ll post it soon enough. This scotch has me a little lazy.


SurfAid Cup Malibu Event and Board Art Benefit

SurfAid Board Art Benefit Malibu Show

This will be the last Board Art Benefit Showing before the big auction October 6th.  They’ve been adding lots of new artists and lots of new boards to the mix.  Come check it out this weekend September 7th and 8th at The Quiksilver Store at the Malibu Lumberyard. Directions HERE. Should be a good time with lots of folks because there are 2 other surf events going on this weekend at Malibu Point, the MSA Classic and the SurfAid Cup. The SurfAid Cup Malibu 2012 will be held on Saturday September 8th from 1pm – 5pm.  I’ll be there at the event selling the limited edition prints of the event artwork as well as have some new art on display.

Also, the original 24in x 36in painting of the event artwork will be up for sale and showing at the Board Art Benefit. 100% of the sale will go to SurfAid.

Hopefully there’ll be some fun waves!

SurfAid Cup Malibu 2012 Event

Custom Stewart Surfboard Graphic

Erik Abel Surfboard graphic

A little while back a client contacted me about doing a custom surfboard graphic.  We decided to go with a digital design and have Stewart Surfboards print it out as a laminate to be glassed into the board.  I think it came out pretty mental.  Would love to do more of these… hit me up!

Erik Abel Custom Surfboard Graphic

Erik Abel Surfboard Artwork

Digital Art Detail

A happy customer about to go shred his new Abel Art board in Brazil!

Seasonal Change…

ventura autumn

Autumn in Ventura has got to be one of my favorite times of year.  The marine layer disappears, the Channel Islands are crystal clear, NW swells start to show their face and all the points wake up again… and my favorite; Evening glass offs!   It’s a good place to be a surfer… and better, a regular foot.   There was a pretty good run of waves this last week… Roberts’ Modern 80’s and Black Dump Truck models are blowing my mind!

No matter how busy, no matter what kind of bullshit there is going on, when the waves are good nothing else matters.  Like life and it’s issues don’t even exist.  Surfing is a seductive mistress that only stops through town once in a while, where you have to get your fill with her while you can… not that I would know what that is like, but I can only imagine.  Ventura Autumn, I love you.

2011 Reef Hawaiian Pro Artwork

The time has come to drop some exciting news.  Earlier this year Reef approached me about creating the artwork for the 2011 Reef Hawaiian Pro event at Haleiwa, Hawaii, part of the infamous Triple Crown of Surfing.  The Triple Crown is arguably our sports most respected series of events.

This was a pretty exciting project to work on knowing that the artwork will be plastered all over the event site including giant wraps on all the event scaffolding and towers, on posters, in shop windows and on event apparel like hats and shirts.  I’ll be flying to Hawaii for part of the event to soak it all in and hopefully pick off a few barrels somewhere on the North Shore.  Stoked!

 Original Artwork

The original was painted on several different pieces of found and salvaged wood. Measurements are around 40″x41″.  It was created with acrylic paint, markers and colored pencils.

Artwork DetailSept 2011 Surfing Magazine ad

Finally some waves!

Finally a decent summer swell!  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one starting to freak out on the flatness around here.  Dear Pacific Ocean, please keep them coming!

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